libpr0n FAQ

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

What file formats are supported?
What about file format X?
I have no idea. Maybe. Try it.
Why do all my pictures come out corrupted?
Known bug. Blame Pav.
Who is working on libpr0n?
Pavlov, tor, saari, biesi, paper and others
Where should I ask questions about libpr0n?, channel #mozilla
Why the name "libpr0n"?
The main goal of the library is to render pornographic images in an efficient way. Plus, the name "imglib2" is boring.
Do you plan to make any money from libpr0n?
The intention is to restrict the version of libpr0n shipped with Mozilla to a fixed number of pixels per session. To unlock the restriction, users will be encouraged to register their copy (we estimate that this will be about $34.95).